SNN Estates Felicity Master Plan

SNN Estates Felicity apartment masterplan by SNN Estates Felicity located at behind Manyata Tech Park in Rachenahalli, Thanisandra, North Bangalore Karnataka

SNN Estates Felicity Master Plan unfolds the blueprint of an extraordinary residential venture strategically situated behind Manyata Tech Park in Rachenahalli, Thanisandra, North Bangalore. Crafted by the esteemed SNN Estates, this project encompasses a diverse array of residential choices, ranging from 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 to 4 BHK apartments, catering to the varied preferences of prospective homeowners. Spanning across a generous land area of 6 Acres 20 Guntas, the project comprises a total of 580 units distributed across 9 towers.

SNN Estates Felicity Master Plan seamlessly blends innovative urban design, expansive green landscapes, and cutting-edge amenities. Designed to maximize space and enhance the overall living experience, this project exemplifies meticulous urban planning. The architectural blueprint encompasses two basements for parking, a ground floor, and an impressive 13 floors, catering not only to residential requirements but also enhancing the visual appeal of North Bangalore’s skyline.

A noteworthy aspect of the SNN Estates Felicity Master Plan is its commitment to creating a harmonious living environment. The plan allocates a substantial 80% of the total land area to open spaces, achieving an exquisite balance between built-up areas and green landscapes. This dedication to open space aligns with modern urban living preferences, providing residents with a breath of fresh air and a serene connection to nature within their residential abode.

SNN Estates Felicity Master Plan incorporates the Miyawaki Inspired Landscape principles, introducing a ground-breaking green concept that goes beyond traditional landscaping. Inspired by the dense and fast-growing nature of Miyawaki forests, the project at SNN Estates Felicity promotes biodiversity and sustainability within its ecosystem. Through this innovative landscape design, the master plan strives to elevate the well-being of residents and actively contribute to environmental conservation.

At the heart of SNN Estates Felicity lies a remarkable tagline – “Happiness Begins at Home.” This philosophy permeates the entire Master Plan, emphasizing the creation of a vibrant community where residents find joy within the confines of their homes. To amplify this commitment to well-being, SNN Estates Felicity introduces the Happiness Club – an expansive facility covering 50,000 square feet, offering world-class amenities to cater to diverse preferences and lifestyles.

The SNN Estates Felicity Master Plan doesn’t merely focus on physical layout but also introduces the concept of a Unique Festive Laneway. This innovative feature injects a sense of celebration into community living, providing residents with a dedicated space for festivities, cultural events, and communal gatherings. The Festive Laneway becomes a central point for social interactions, fostering a strong sense of community and shared experiences.

Investors eyeing high rental yields will find SNN Estates Felicity particularly attractive. Its strategic location behind Manyata Tech Park, a prominent IT hub in North Bangalore, ensures a consistent demand for rental properties. Proximity to employment centres, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities enhances the rental potential, making it an enticing choice for those considering real estate as a lucrative investment avenue.

SNN Estates Felicity Master Plan comprises 9 uniquely designed towers, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetics. Catering to diverse needs, from cozy 1.5 BHKs to spacious 4 BHKs, the project ensures a perfect fit for individuals, couples, and families alike. The careful tower design prioritizes optimal natural light, cross-ventilation, and panoramic views, enhancing the overall living experience.

The commitment of SNN Estates to quality and innovation is evident in the elevation of SNN Estates Felicity. With 2 basements, ground floor, and 13 floors, the project stands tall as a symbol of modern urban living. The architectural design not only focuses on aesthetics but also incorporates safety measures, ensuring a secure and comfortable living environment for residents.

SNN Estates Felicity Master Plan introduces the Happiness Club, an expansive 50,000 square feet space that revolutionizes the notion of community living. This club boasts a wide array of amenities, including a swimming pool, fitness centre, sports facilities, recreational spaces, and more. Positioned as the community’s nucleus, the Happiness Club offers residents opportunities for relaxation, fitness, and socialization, enhancing the overall living experience.

SNN Estates Felicity Master Plan introduces the Unique Festive Laneway, infusing a cultural dimension into community living. This designated space serves as a vibrant canvas for celebrating festivals, organizing events, and cultivating a profound sense of belonging among residents. The Festive Laneway stands as a testament to SNN Estates’s dedication, emphasizing the creation of vibrant communities that go beyond mere homes, thriving on shared experiences and celebrations.

So, SNN Estates Felicity Master Plan sets the stage for a modern and enriching living experience. Revel in nature with 80% of the project dedicated to open spaces, promoting a healthy and vibrant community. With its strategic location, green design principles, innovative concepts like Miyawaki Inspired Landscape and Festive Laneway, and the Happiness Club, the project caters to the evolving preferences of today’s homebuyers. Investors looking for high rental yields, families seeking a holistic living experience, and individuals desiring a vibrant community can all find their aspirations met within the thoughtfully crafted Master Plan of SNN Estates Felicity. As a manifestation of SNN Estates’s commitment to excellence and innovation, this residential project stands poised to redefine urban living in North Bangalore.

FAQ's- Frequently Asked Questions

SNN Estates Felicity master plan has got approx 60% towards the open space.